Overview of the VoIP configuration process

After installation and initial start Blueworx Voice Response for AIX is fully configured with 16 trunks, each of 30 channels of VoIP. So you have to decide what mortifications if any you wish to make to this configuration and decide whether you are going to have different applications to answer different calls, or whether all calls are to be answered by the same application.

  1. Read the information in Answering each call with an appropriate application.
  2. Use the Pack Configuration option to modify any VOIP characteristics that your applications need. Follow the instructions that are given in Modifying the VoIP environment using Pack Configuration or wvrteleconf.
  3. For most conditions, your VoIP configuration is now complete. If your configuration needs additional parameter settings, use the instructions given in Advanced VoIP parameter settings.

When you have configured Blueworx Voice Response, stop then start Blueworx Voice Response to make the new configuration take effect. See When do new values take effect? for more information.

When you have configured the VoIP environment, save a copy of the system parameter values (see Making a backup copy of system parameter values) then activate the trunks and channels so that Blueworx Voice Response can start processing calls. The Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Managing and Monitoring the System information describes how to do this.