When do new values take effect?

Changes to system parameters do not take effect immediately. Table 1 tells you what to do to make the parameters in each group take effect.

To shut down Blueworx Voice Response, click Operations —> Immediate Shutdown or Operations —> Quiesce Shutdown.

To disable then enable the appropriate trunk, click Operations —> System Monitor, then click the required trunk and choose the appropriate command from the menu. For more information about shutting down Blueworx Voice Response and using the System Monitor, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Managing and Monitoring the System information.

Table 1. Making new system parameter values take effect

Parameter group

To make new parameter values take effect...

Application Server Interface

Restart Blueworx Voice Response.


Disable then re-enable the packs to which the channels are connected.

CPU Monitor

Restart Blueworx Voice Response.


Restart Blueworx Voice Response.

Key Signals

Restart Blueworx Voice Response.

Trunk Interface

Disable then re-enable the pack.