Workstation and voice processing

This section lists the minimum hardware and software requirements for Blueworx Voice Response. It also provides more detail about these requirements, and about the optional items that you might need for using Blueworx Voice Response in specific ways. The section also discusses location planning for the hardware, and the factors you should take into consideration when you are planning how much memory and storage you need to order. To install the hardware and software that Blueworx Voice Response needs, follow the instructions provided in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation. This section also introduces the factors you should think about when you plan to connect some Blueworx Voice Response systems together in a single system image (SSI).

This diagram shows that a voice processing system comprises a telephone network, a voice processing component (such as Blueworx Voice Response), a business object server or web server, and a data communications network. The graphic representing the voice processing system is highlighted as it is the topic under discussion at this point in the book.
Note: This section does not provide detailed requirements for systems that use DTEA cards or the DTNA software simulation of a DTEA card. If you plan to use a voice over IP configuration, refer to the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Voice over IP using Session Initiation Protocol information.