Recommended requirements

To run a Blueworx Voice Response voice application in production, you need at least the recommended configuration that is shown in Table 1 below.

The configuration shown in Table 1 allows you to run an application with the following characteristics:

If you add extra channel support (see Channel increments) you can run more than 12 channels.

If you add Communications Server for AIX to the software configuration, callers can access a database on a host computer, by using the 3270 data stream—this can be configured over both SNA and TCP/IP networks. In the minimum configuration, one 3270 emulation session per call is supported. For 3270 emulation, a faster CPU and more memory is required.

With Blueworx Voice Response, you can start with a small configuration and add extra capacity as your voice processing needs grow. To add more capacity for voice messaging or voice segments, provide speech recognition capability, or increase the number of lines you can support, you must add to the basic configuration shown in Table 1. Use the information in the following topics to select a configuration that meets your business needs.