Prerequisite and associated software products

The other products, and which versions of those products, required by certain Blueworx Voice Response functions are listed here.

Table 1. Licensed program products required.

This table describes for different system functions, the software product and its version required to add the function to the system.





AIX for the pSeries computer


License Use Management GUI

License Use Runtime supplied free with AIX

Developing custom servers using C/C++ language

IBM XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition for AIX compiler

Using 3270 communications

Communications Server for AIX

Using CCXML, VoiceXML or Java

IBM Developer Kit and Runtime for AIX, Java Technology Edition (32-bit)

(also known as IBM 32-bit SDK for AIX, Java Technology Edition.)

6.0, Service Refresh 3 (SR3) 1

  1. Currently only Java 1.6, SR3 is supported. For details of later versions of Java supported, refer to the System Requirements web page at

    Unless greater than 4GB address space is required, the 32-bit Java 6 JVM (32-bit) generally outperforms the 64-bit JVM (64-bit) in standard configurations.