Connection to the telephone network

The telephony equipment to which Blueworx Voice Response is connected is referred to as the switch. Blueworx Voice Response can work with different types of switch:

The connection is either a T1 or E1 digital trunk connection. Analog connections are supported by using an analog channel bank. The Blueworx Voice Response telephony interface is either a T1 D4-Mode 3 interface for T1, or an ITU-T G.703 interface for E1. The pSeries computer model and the number of digital trunk adapters you have affects the number of trunks and channels you can use (System p5 and pSeries computer).

There are various ways in which Blueworx Voice Response can be connected to the telephone network, such as through the local telephone exchange or central office (using T1 or E1 standard business lines or trunks), or by using a PABX system on your own premises.

Blueworx Voice Response can use either channel associated signaling (CAS) or common channel signaling (CCS) protocols. The following sections contain information about the switch functions that are supported by each protocol.