System p5 and pSeries computer

Blueworx Voice Response for AIX runs on different models of pSeries computer. The list below shows the available models that you can use (based on their support for AIX Version 6.1), but you should ask your Blueworx representative for up-to-date details of supported models.

pSeries computers are typically used as servers for many different applications and users. Blueworx Voice Response can be one of these applications, but you must be very careful when balancing the application load. When running many voice channels, Blueworx Voice Response places heavy demands on the CPU; this could affect the other applications. In general, it is not a good idea to run other AIX applications on a system that is servicing callers with Blueworx Voice Response applications.

The pSeries computer model you need also depends on:

High-quality audio recording

For recording and playing back higher-quality audio than can be recorded over the telephone, use a separate PC with an industry audio card (for example, Creative Labs Soundblaster), and import standard audio files (such as .wav) using the Batch Voice Import facility of Blueworx Voice Response.