SIP Proxy Groups Panel

SIP Proxy Groups

SIP Proxy Groups are a collection of SIP Proxies. They are assignable toApplications and Call Features that use SIP. They can also be referenced by name in CCXML applications as a hint on the createcall method as described in CCXML Outbound Calling.

If no SIP Proxy Group is assigned to an application and no hint has been specified, a SIP Proxy group may also be picked based on the type of SIP call being used and the value of the default_proxy_group parameter in $BVR_CONF/bvr.config. For further information on this, please refer to the following configuration sections that support the default_proxy_group parameter:

When used, SIP proxy groups choose the proxy to use based on the status, weight and priority (please refer to SIP Proxies Panel for more information).

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility SIP Proxy Group options
Name Description
View SIP Proxy Groups View already defined SIP Proxy Groups
Add SIP Proxy Groups Add a new SIP Proxy Group
Update SIP Proxy Groups Update an already defined SIP Proxy Group
Remove SIP Proxy Groups Remove an already defined SIP Proxy Group
Assign SIP Proxies to SIP Proxy Groups Assign a SIP Proxy to a SIP Proxy Group
Unassign SIP Proxies from SIP Proxy Groups Remove a SIP Proxy from a SIP Proxy Group

Table 2. Mandatory Parameters
Name Description
Name A user defined name. This is used to lookup SIP Proxy Groups if, for example, a SIP Proxy Group is specified as a hint on a CCXML createcall
Description A user defined description

Assigning SIP Proxies to SIP Proxy Groups