MRCPv2 Configuration Options

Configure MRCPv2 settings

This section is OPTIONAL

The header for this section is [mrcp]

Table 1. mrcp
Name Mandatory Type Default Description
bind_address no string any The IP address that the MRCPv2 TCP communication link binds to.
presentation_address no string auto The IP address to present as the local address (used by MRCP related connection information fields in SDP). Overrides default_presentation_address in [general]
session_initiation_timeout no integer 10 Time to wait (in seconds) for the MRCPv2 SIP session to initialise before giving up.

Min: 1
renegotiate_media_to_close_resources no boolean false This parameter was introduced in version 7.9.0

Determines whether BVR will send a re-INVITE message to the MRCPv2 server to de-allocate the speechsynth or speechrecog resource (see RFC6787, section 4.2).

This is disabled by default as most MRCPv2 vendors do not implement or require this
default_proxy_group no string mrcpv2_proxy_group This parameter was introduced in version 7.9.1

The SIP proxy group to use for MRCPv2 sessions. For further information on proxies and proxy groups, please see "BAM Command Line Utility SIP Configuration" in the Blueworx documentation.