BAM Command Line Utility Call Features Panel

This is the call features panel of the BAM Command Line Utility. It routes to multiple call feature related panels as described below.

As well as Return and Quit, it provides the following options:

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility Call Feature options
Name Description
View Call Features View an already defined Call Feature
Add Call Features Add a new Call Feature
Update Call Features Update an already defined Call Feature
Remove Call Features Remove an already defined Call Feature

Explanation of the Locale parameter used by Call Features

This is used to determine which Call Feature is used when a voice application attempts to do TTS or ASR, so an en_US application would look for a Call Feature that matches the locale and type required (e.g. TTS or ASR). This field is a regex string, so can be used to map multiple locales to one resource. For example, if the locale is set to en_.*, any voice application with a locale starting with en_ will use this resource.
Note: The order of Call Features matters - if a Call Feature with the locale set to en_.* is specified followed by a Call Feature with the locale set to en_US, the en_US Call Feature would never be used. If these are switched around, any en_US application would use the en_US resource, and any other application with a locale beginning with en_ would use the en_.* resource.

Call Feature Groups

The Blueworx Platform supports creation and allocation of groups of call features to an application to allow for failover between similar call features should a call feature become unavailable.

For further details please refer to: BAM Command Line Utility Call Feature Groups Panel

Weight and Priority attributes of a Call Feature

Weight and priority are used to select which call feature to use out of the group of call features assigned to the application. Note that only those call features appropriate to the usage (ASR, TTS etc.) are considered for the task.

All Call Features have a weight and a priority value.

For more information about how weight and priority are used for load balancing and failover see Weight and Priority usage in the Blueworx Platform

The Down Retry Interval

Once a call feature has been detected as DOWN (either through a failed operation or through the optional SIP-OPTIONS ping), BVR will not use it unless either it has no alternatives that are not also marked as DOWN or until the Down Retry Interval has elapsed.

The parameters associated with the Call Features options depend on the type of call feature being configured. Call feature types are: