BAM Command Line Utility Call Feature Groups Panel

This is the Call Feature Groups panel of the BAM Command Line Utility. It routes to multiple Call Feature Group related panels as described below.

As well as Return and Quit, it provides the following options:

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility Call feature options
Name Description
View Call Feature Groups View an already defined Call Feature Group
Add Call Feature Groups Add a new Call Feature Group
Update Call Feature Groups Update an already defined Call Feature Group
Remove Call Feature Groups Remove an already defined Call Feature Group
Assign Call Feature to Call Feature Groups Adds a Call Feature to a Call Feature Group. Note Call Features can belong to multiple Call Feature Groups
Unassign Call Features from Call Feature Groups Removes a Call Feature from a Call Feature Groups

Call Feature Groups are a convenience designed to allow a user to quickly assign multiple Call Features to applications. At runtime an application with a Call Feature Group associated with it is functionally identical to an application with each member of that call feature group assigned to it.

Once created a Call Feature Group will be presented alongside Call Features when assigning Call Features to an application.

Note that Call Feature Groups cannot be members of any Call Feature Group. You cannot nest Call Feature Groups.

The Call Feature Group view includes the following details:

Table 2. View Call Feature Group Fields
Name Description
Index Local index of the group, used to select this group to examine in more detail
ID Database ID of this group, used to link internally to this group
Name The name given to this Call Feature Group by the user
Members A semicolon separated list of summaries of the Call Features that are assigned to this group, listing their name, weight, priority and locale