Testing the installation

This test uses a simple application to check that the installation has worked. You will call in to Blueworx Voice Response and hear the sample application answer the call.

If you are migrating from a previous release, note the following before you restore any previous configuration:

This means that if you call the system at this point (with no other valid application profiles), the call is passed to the Java and VoiceXML environment. If, for any reason, the Java and VoiceXML environment is not available, the call is answered by the Welcome application (a state table). This will work for all signaling protocols, both those that pass the called number to Blueworx Voice Response for AIX and those that do not.

Note: If you want to test that a CCXML application can perform the call-handling on incoming calls, you must first change the Incoming_Call state table so that it allows calls to pass through without answering them, as described in Appendix E of the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Deploying and Managing VoiceXML and Java Applications information.
  1. Activating the trunk and all channels: From the Welcome window, select —> Operations —> System Monitor to display the System Monitor window:

    The System Monitor window.

  2. To activate the trunk and all channels, click the Trunk Status push button for the trunk you configured, then click Enable.

    The trunk operating status is changed to Inservice.

  3. Click the Trunk Status button again and click Channels in Service.
  4. Click File —> Close.
  5. Making a call to Blueworx Voice Response: Before following these instructions, make sure you have installed the fileset for the locale you want to use, as shown in Table 1. If you installed the complete dirTalk.VRBE_XML package, all locale filesets will have been installed.
    Start the installation verification application by entering the following command:

    Follow the instructions on the screen.

  6. Make a call, using a telephone number that routes calls to WebSphere Voice Response and is not allocated to any of your own applications.
    • If you have installed dirTalk.VRBE_XML, the default Java application answers the call and passes it to a VoiceXML application, which greets you with the words "Welcome. Websphere Voice Response is now installed." Then the application hangs up.
    • If you have not installed dirTalk.VRBE_XML, the default state table application answers the call and greets you with "Welcome to the IBM WebSphere Voice Response for AIX." Then the application hangs up.

    You have successfully installed Blueworx Voice Response. If there is any other outcome, try using the information in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Problem Determination to solve the problem, or contact Blueworx Support.

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