Connecting Blueworx Voice Response to the telephone network

Voice over IP configurations: As an alternative to using dedicated switched telephony voice channels to perform your telephony voice communications, as described below, you can use Voice over IP over a standard Ethernet IP network by installing a Digital Telephony Ethernet Adapter (DTEA) or the Digital Telephony No Adapter (DTNA) software implementation of a DTEA adapter. Details of how to set up these types of configuration are provided in the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Voice over IP using Session Initiation Protocol information.

This section describes how to connect Blueworx Voice Response to the telephone network. The section starts with background information:

This section also describes the following tasks:

Note: For country-specific rules for connecting Blueworx Voice Response to the telephone network, refer to the README_homologation.xxxx file, where xxxx is the country/region identifier; for example, UK for the United Kingdom. The file is located in the /usr/lpp/dirTalk/homologation directory.