Call #5) Arriving call not under ICM script control, and a Failed Cancel request is received (for a state table application)

For example, a call that is arriving at a VRU direct from a public network. The ICM instructs the VRU to run a particular script. The VRU starts running the script until it is interrupted by the ICM canceling this request. The VRU reports that the cancel operation could not be performed successfully and the VRU then continues running the script. When the script has ended, the VRU reports successful completion of the script, then ends the call.

Figure 1. Arriving call not under ICM control and Failed Cancel request received (for a state table application)
This graphic is arranged in three blocks representing, from left to right, state table, custom server, and peripheral gateway. Server activity is shown as arrows labeled with function names and joining to state table or gateway as appropriate. In this call, after the usual Create_DialogueID and Register_Variables actions, the function New_Call is passed to the gateway and Run_Script-Request received back. When the script is running, the gateway passes the CANCEL action but the state table issues Dialog_Failure_Conf_Send with a status of E_OPERATION_NOT_CANCELLED and sends Run_Script_Result when the script finishes. The state table then disconnects, and issues Release_DialogueID.