This is an application that can be invoked on an incoming call. We have kept it intentionally simple to demonstrate the minimum that is required to perform a trombone operation. It uses the IBMTromboneCall state table to perform a trombone operation with a single call.

When the application is invoked by an incoming call, it requests a number to transfer to, and then tries to trombone to that number. If the trombone fails, it plays the “Technical difficulties...” prompt and exits. If the Trombone is successful, on termination of the Trombone operation (the third party hangs up or the caller dials 1234), it asks the caller for another number to which to transfer.

You can customize this application by altering the variables defined at the start of the state table, or by adding different prompts and actions on the various trombone exit conditions near the end of the state table. The variables at the start of the state table are passed directly to the IBMTromboneCall state table; their meanings are described in TromboneCall.

The prompts and voice segments for this application are held in directories called IBM_Trombone.