State table definitions

In this section we describe the 14 trombone state tables.

The state tables are provided as compiled state tables and ASCII state table source code. The compiled state tables are compiled directly from the ASCII state table source code.

The state tables fall into three groups:

Example code
To show how to perform a trombone operation with a single InvokeStateTable call (IBMTromboneXmp, IBMTromboneXmpA, and IBMTromboneXmpB).
Trombone implementation code
To encapsulate the complexities of the trombone operation (IBMTromboneCall, IBMTromboneConn, IBMTromboneDisc, IBMTromboneMake, IBMTromboneOut, IBMTromboneRdy, and IBMTromboneWait).
Helper state tables
To encapsulate code that is used in various places and to keep the trombone implementation code simple (IBMTromboneC5, IBMTromboneC10, IBMTromboneLog, and IBMTromboneMus).

The state tables are described, in alphabetic order, in the following sections: