Example user function parameters

This section gives examples showing you how to specify user function input parameters.

The intent of the examples is to assist you in developing user functions that handle parameters, as expected by the Blueworx Voice Response custom server interface.

Each example is preceded by information keyed in the User Function window and state table information. The example user functions in this section work with a system generated main, and use the following include files:


where customservername_hdr.h is the system-generated header file for your custom server.

The custom server name in the following examples is assumed to be TEST_PARMS.

You also need the following global array (see the comment in Function 3):

char TP_buffer[100];
Note: The OpenHostServerLink and CloseHostServerLink actions shown in Function 1 have been left out of the other functions for clarity.

For descriptions of the user function parameters, see User function parameters.