Setting parameters for redial limitation

The redial limitation facility allows you to configure Blueworx Voice Response to prevent further calls to number after it has been dialed unsuccessfully a certain number of times in a certain time period. You can control this facility using the following system parameters:

These parameters apply to ISDN only. You cannot use this facility if you are using other CCS protocols or CAS signaling channels.

To enable redial limitation, set the ISDN - Redial Limitation parameter to yes. This parameter is automatically set to yes in Japan.

When redial limitation is enabled, the destination and time of all unsuccessful outbound calls are logged on a failed call list. By default this list can hold up to 1000 numbers. You can increase or decrease the maximum length of the list using the Redial Limitation - Failed List Capacity parameter.

Numbers on the list can only be dialed unsuccessfully a further two times before Blueworx Voice Response refuses any further requests to place a call to that destination. The number of unsuccessful attempts allowed before the number is temporarily blocked can be changed with field authority only, using the Redial Limitation - Maximum Consecutive Failures parameter.

A number is removed from the list after a successful call to that destination or after three minutes have elapsed. This time period can be changed with field authority only, using the Redial Limitation - Timeout parameter. When a number is removed from the list Blueworx Voice Response will no longer refuse calls to that destination.

By default, Blueworx Voice Response logs the entire telephone number to the failed calls list. You can configure Blueworx Voice Response to log only the last n digits of the number, using the Redial Limitation - Significant Digits parameter. This allows area codes to be removed from the logged number. For example, set Redial Limitation - Significant Digits to 6 to store the last 6 digits of the number. Blueworx Voice Response will then assume that any number dialed with the same 6 final digits as a number on the list is the same number.