Topic blueworx.application

The blueworx.application topic contains application logging.

Application log

A single application log generated from a specific module. The module details are contained within the source/sourceName. The actual application log text is within the content element.

The accountId, applicationId and callIndex are all optional fields and may not be present on all messages.

Table 1. JSON for Application logging
Name Type Optional Description
source string No Source of the message
sourceName string No Source name
accountId string Yes Account handling the call
applicationId string Yes Application handling the call
callIndex string Yes Call index on the BVR
content string No Application log message
thread string No Thread
threadName string No Thread name
threadID number No Thread id
timestamp date No Time of application log
traceID string No Trace id
traceLevel string No Trace level of message


    "source": "BVR",
    "sourceName": "",
    "accountId": "0x00000000",
    "applicationId": "0x00000003",
    "callIndex": "VC0102030400000001",
    "content": "VXML - TTS Starting - Locale: en_US",
    "thread": "VXML2 1            -  196",
    "threadName": "VXML2 1",
    "threadID": 196,
    "timestamp": "2019-06-04 12:51:35.172",
    "traceID": "[T000939]",
    "traceLevel": "TRACE"