All output to the Kafka topic is encoded as JSON. In the various sections are details of the actual JSON structures. The structures contain types that map to specific JSON types. These are detailed below.

Table 1. Blueworx to JSON mapping
Blueworx Type JSON Type Description
number number A number
string string A string
object object A nested object
array array of object An array of nested objects
date string Date and time
duration number Duration in milliseconds
uri string URI

The Kafka producers within each component (BVR, BRM and BAM) are responsible for different topics. The table below lists for each topic the components that must have Kafka enabled to produce out. If Kafka is not enabled for a specific component no output from that component will be present.

Table 2. Topic and component Kafka producer
Topic Component
blueworx.application BVR
blueworx.cdr BVR
blueworx.error BVR, BRM and BAM
blueworx.event BVR
blueworx.status BRM
blueworx.trace BVR, BRM and BAM