CCXML Outbound Calling

Blueworx Voice Response supports outbound calling through the use of the CCXML createcall element (CCXML Elements). Control over whether individual BVR servers in an environment allow an outbound call is performed through the use of the capabilities parameter in the BVR configuration, specifically by adding in the ccxml capability. See here for more details: General Configuration Options

There is a default outbound application defined in BRM. To use any call features (ASR, TTS, etc.) on the outbound call the default outbound application should be edited to attach the required call features: BAM Command Line Utility Outbound Application Panel.

If the outbound application definition is removed and an outbound call attempted the following error will be reported:

How to create, remove or update an outbound application definition is described in BAM Command Line Utility Outbound Application Panel.

It is possible to specify a proxy group when making an outbound call by including a "proxy_group" hint with a value of the name of the proxy group when using createcall.

An example of the use of the "proxy_group" hint is shown in the following code snippet:

<var name="hints" expr="new Object()"/>

<assign name="hints.proxy_group" expr="'my_proxy_group'"/>

<createcall dest="destination" hints="hints"/>

Proxy groups are described in BAM Command Line Utility SIP Configuration