General Configuration Options

Configure general parameters.

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Table 1. general
Name Mandatory Type Default Description
java_command no string java The java command to run. This allows the user to specify any java command line arguments they wish to change. Note that this only affects the running of BVR, and not supporting functionality such as the "bvr" command
classpath no string   Allows the CLASSPATH to be modified for the main BVR Linux JVM. Values set here will be prepended to the classpath. Note: Must be an absolute path
maximum_call_capacity no integer 500 Sets the maximum number of calls that this BVR instance can accept

Min: 1, Max: 500
default_bind_address no string any The default IP address to bind to for anything that binds to an address (such as the streaming engine)
default_presentation_address no string auto The default IP address to present as the local address in anything that presents an IP address (such as SDP presenting the streaming IP address)
outbound_call_timeout no integer 60 The time to wait in seconds for an outbound call to be answered. In SIP terms, this timer starts once a 1xx response has been received.

Min: 1
capabilities no string array INBOUND_CALLS List of capabilites supported by this BVR, by default this is only inbound calls.

Possible values:

  • inbound_calls = currently ignored and inbound calls should be controlled via a proxy
  • ccxml = allows the BVR to accept incoming HTTP requests from BRM (createsession and basichttp)
  • outbound_api = allows the BVR to accept outbound HTTP API requests from BRM

Note: This variable is an array of strings. Each item should be individually quoted and comma separated, with the entire variable surrounded by [] brackets. e.g. ["a", "b", "c"]
default_kafka_properties_file no string /opt/blueworx/vr/config/kafka/ This parameter was introduced in version 7.8.0

Properties file defining Kafka configuration properties used to connect to a Kafka broker.

This is the absolute file path for the properties file, for example:

kafka_properties_file = "/location/of/file/"

Note: For more information on configuring Kafka producer properties see "Configuring Apache Kafka producer properties" in the BVR documentation
name no string   This parameter was introduced in version 7.15.0

Name of this component