Blueworx Voice Response VRBE OutOfMemory error

If the Blueworx Voice Response VRNode reports OutOfMemory errors, specifically JVMCI015 or JVMCL053 when there are a large number of VRBE application instances it means that the C-runtime heap of the Java process (not the Java object heap) is full. Errors JVMCI015 and JVMCL053 are reported in the VRNode log file (which is /var/dirTalk/DTBE/dtj_logs/Node1.out by default.)

To resolve this problem, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop VRBE (dtjstop followed by dtjshost -exit).
  2. Edit the file /usr/lpp/dirTalk/DTBE/native/aix/dtjshost and comment out, or delete, the following line:
    export LDR_CNTRL=MAXDATA=0x40000000
  3. Restart VRBE (dtjshost followed by dtjstart).