Blueworx Voice Response does not shut down

When you select Immediate Shutdown or Quiesce Shutdown from the Operations menu and the system does not shut down correctly, check the following:

Have you waited long enough?
When the system is very busy, it might take a few minutes for it to shut down, especially if you requested a Quiesce Shutdown.
Is NODEM or OAM running?
Unless the processes that respond to the shutdown request are running, the system cannot shut down. To find out whether NODEM and OAM are running, type ps -ef | grep NODEM and press Enter. Assuming NODEM is running, type ps -ef | grep OAM and press Enter. If one or the other is missing, stop Blueworx Voice Response manually. Refer to Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation and follow the procedure that describes how to correct an incorrect display name to stop the running processes.