Blueworx Voice Response cannot access the printer

When Blueworx Voice Response is connected to a printer (either directly or through a network) but you are unable to print reports or other information, check the following:

Is the qdaemon running?
AIX uses a process called the qdaemon to manage printers. If the qdaemon is not running, nothing can be printed. Use the AIX documentation that came with the system to find out more about the qdaemon.
Has the AIX printer definition been changed?
The printer is defined to AIX as a device. If the AIX device definition is changed, Blueworx Voice Response can no longer access the printer. Use SMIT to validate the printer definition in AIX.
Has the Blueworx Voice Response configuration been changed?
The Blueworx Voice Response configuration includes parameters that define the printer. If the device definition that is part of the Blueworx Voice Response configuration does not match the device definition in AIX, Blueworx Voice Response cannot access the printer. Use the information provided in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Configuring the System to validate the Blueworx Voice Response device definition.
Is the printer enabled?
Check whether the printer is enabled. You can use the AIX command qadm -Uprintername’ or enable printername where printername is the name of your printer. You might need to be logged on to AIX as root to run these commands.