A process does not start when you expect it to

After you have been running Blueworx Voice Response for a while, you become familiar with the list of processes that Blueworx Voice Response starts whenever it is initialized. If Blueworx Voice Response does not start a process that you expect it to start, check the following:

Is the tasklist.data file corrupted or is there more than one file?
Blueworx Voice Response starts the processes listed in the tasklist.data file. If one or more of the entries is missing, the system might start but not be able to perform all of the required processing. The tasklist.data file is located in the directory identified by the value of the $SYS_DIR variable in the profile for the Blueworx Voice Response AIX account ID. To list all the processes that are running, open an AIX window by selecting an area in the screen background and selecting AIX Login. Then type ps -u “===” (replacing === with the Blueworx Voice Response AIX account ID you previously created using vae.setuser), and press Enter. Compare the list of processes to the list supplied in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation.

Check the $VAEBIN directory for a tasklist.data file. If it is present, it overrides the file of the same name that is in $SYS_DIR directory.

If the tasklist.data file is corrupted, you must correct it and restart Blueworx Voice Response. Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Installation contains instructions for checking and correcting the tasklist.data file.