Reviewing the error log

Blueworx Voice Response automatically maintains a file in which it logs all errors that occur while the system is running. The file is called errorlog, and it is stored in $OAM_LOG_PATH.

For more information:

Review the contents of the error log by using the AIX editor.

  1. Logging on: If no AIX window is open, open one by selecting an area on the screen background and clicking AIX Login.
  2. Log onto the Blueworx Voice Response AIX account (usually dtuser) .

    The system displays the User Login menu.

  3. Type 2 and press Enter.

    The system displays the system prompt, which is usually a dollar sign ($).

  4. Changing to the correct directory: Type the following command and press Enter:
    cd $OAM_LOG_PATH
  5. To check whether the error log is present, type ls errorlog and press Enter.

    The system lists the error log file that is in the directory.

  6. Opening the error log: Type the following command press Enter:
    view errorlog

    The system displays the contents of the error log. The view command allows you look at the file, but not to make changes to it.

  7. Use view to review the contents of the file.
  8. Closing the file: Press Shift ZZ

    The system closes the file and redisplays the system prompt.