Licensing using a license key

With this licensing model the Blueworx Voice Response will use a supplied license key file (bvr.key). When Blueworx Voice Response is started all the licenses from the license key file are allocated. When Blueworx Voice Response is stopped/shutdown the licenses are released. The license key file must be correct and present before Blueworx Voice Response is started.

Obtaining a valid license key file

Each license key file is linked to a specific machine using a unique system identifier. So each machine will require its own license key file.

To obtain a system identifier run $VAEBIN/bvr_lsi

Contact Blueworx with the required number of licenses and the system identifier as found using bvr_lsi. From this information a license key will be generated. The license key information must be stored in $VAE/db/license/bvr.key. For example,

echo "license-text" > $VAE/db/license/bvr.key

Configuring Blueworx Voice Response to use a license key

The Blueworx Voice Response must be configured to use the license key file. This is the default configuration and unless previous changed does not need to be altered.
  1. From the Welcome window, select Configuration —> System Configuration —> Change
  2. Click General.
  3. Set the Use Licensing Server to No.
  4. Make sure the license key file is $VAE/db/license/bvr.key and has read access.

License usage

The license key file controls the number of allowable SIP calls within Blueworx Voice Response. If there is a problem with the license (invalid location, expired etc) then the default number of licenses is 2. It is possible to use any of the configured channels provided the total number of SIP calls channels does not exceed the license.