Information access

Blueworx Voice Response can take advantage of any computer applications that your company already uses to retrieve, store, and manipulate information. For example, to receive an account balance, a bank customer usually talks to an agent who uses a computer. The agent ensures the computer is running the program that retrieves information from the database of account balances, types in the customers account number and, by pressing a key, requests the program to display the customer's balance. Only then can the agent tell the customer how much money is in the account.

A Blueworx Voice Response application can follow the same path. The application starts the program running on the computer, passes the account number to the program, asks it to find the account balance, then speaks the amount to the caller.

Because Blueworx Voice Response communicates with existing programs, you can access information in an existing database without writing new host programs for that purpose. The database can be on the same host as Blueworx Voice Response, or it can be another host or another type of computer. If the database is accessed via a 3270 or 5250 based application or transaction server, Blueworx Voice Response can use its built-in 3270 or 5250 terminal emulation support to exchange information. For example, your voice application can start a CICS® transaction that accesses a DB2® database, without your needing to alter the CICS transaction.

Your opportunities for information access are limited only by the resources of the host computer and the connectivity options at your site.