Configuring Blueworx Voice Response to get the called and calling numbers

You can get the called number using:

In addition, unless you decide to use the System Default Application Profile, you should assign a number to each channel for use when the called number is not available (for example, because it was never sent to your switch). This number is known as:

Dialed number (DID or DNIS)

For VoIP Blueworx Voice Response populates the called number based on the contents of the VoIP TO or REQ headers received within an incoming SIP INVITE message.

Channel identification

Unless you decide to use the System Default Application Profile, you should set up channel identification even if the called number is normally available from the switch. The channel identification can then be used to select an application profile to answer calls for which no called number is unavailable.

Although the channel identification is referred to as “Area Code and Phone Number”, it is not necessarily an area code and phone number. What is important is that it corresponds to the profile ID of an application profile that identifies a state table that can handle the call. For example, in the absence of called number, you might need a state table that asks the caller to choose the required service from a menu.

Therefore, before you can assign values to the Area Code and Phone Number parameters, you need to know what application profile IDs are going to be used. Application profile IDs can be any combination of digits 0 through 9 and the letters A, B, C, and D.

The Area Code is shared by all the channels in a channel group, and is prefixed to the Phone Number. The Phone Number can be unique to each channel, or it can be the same for more than one channel; it depends on which application profile ID you want to associate with that channel.

The composite number (channel group area code concatenated with channel phone number) is handled as the number dialed by a caller only if no other way exists to provide the information.

Use Configuration —> Pack Configuration to set up the channel identification (see Setting the telephone numbers for instructions).