Debugging a 3270 server

The 3270 server debugger allows you to step through a validated script and watch the results as it executes. To use the debugger, you must have a 3270 session configured for the server. For information about configuring 3270 sessions, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Configuring the System. You can start and stop execution at specified intervals to view the results of each processing step.

You can use the 3270 debugger to perform the following activities:

  1. From the Welcome window, click on Applications —> 3270 Servers
  2. Select the server: Click the 3270 server you want to debug.
  3. If scripts for the selected 3270 server are not displayed, click View —> Scripts.
  4. Click the script you want to debug, then click Object —> Open. The system displays the 3270 Script window, showing the selected script.
  5. Load the debugger: Click Debug —> Load Debugger to start the 3270 server debugger.

    The 3270 Script window displays the script in debugging mode. Line numbers are displayed to the left of the script statements. The work area is display-only (no modifications are permitted).

  6. Select variables to be displayed: To display selected variables and their values as they are assigned and changed, click Debug —> Variable. In the Variables pane that is appended to the 3270 Script window, click Add to select the variable you want to display. The Variables pane displays the selected variables.
  7. Modify variables: To modify values assigned to variables while the script is running, click the variable name, then Modify (or double-click on the variable name). In the window that appears, type a new value, then click OK.

    To remove a variable name from the Variables pane, click the variable, then Remove. The Variables pane displays your changes.

  8. Add breakpoints: To add breakpoints, click Debug —> Breakpoint. To set a breakpoint at a selected statement, either:
    • Double-click on the statement, or
    • Click Add, then type the line number of the statement in the prompt

    An asterisk is displayed in front of each selected statement. The statement line numbers are shown in the Breakpoints pane.

  9. Remove breakpoints: To remove a breakpoint, click the statement in the Breakpoints pane, then Remove. The statement is deleted from the Breakpoints pane.
  10. Monitor 3270 session: To monitor the 3270 session while you are running the debug process, click Debug —> Show Screen. The system displays the 3270 Session Monitor window.
  11. Start debugging...: To start debugging the script, select the Call pushbutton. In the Call Script window, enter initial values for displayed input parameters. Click OK.
  12. Executing the script: To single-step through each statement, click Next repeatedly.

    To execute the script until the next breakpoint (or the end of the script), click Continue. To stop the continue process, click Stop.

    The script executes as specified. The Variables pane shows changes to variable values, and the 3270 Session Monitor simulates 3270 host interaction. Running... is displayed at the bottom of the 3270 Script window.

  13. To end the currently running script, click Reset. You might want to do this to move on to the next script you have selected for debugging in the same process (if any).

    The Next, Continue, and Reset buttons are desensitized.