Testing a 3270 server

After you have created a 3270 server, you can test it using the 3270 debugger and the 3270 Session Monitor. This window allows you to observe what the 3270 server script is doing as it executes. This is a display-only window that does not permit intervention while monitoring the session.

You can monitor up to 254 sessions. You can observe the data being passed to and from the sessions, and the sequence in which the 3270 screens are traversed. At a PUT_FIELD or GET_FIELD statement, the field is highlighted, and the position of the field (row and column) is displayed at the bottom of the window.

The 3270 Session Monitor window also displays the following information:

You can access the 3270 Session Monitor from two Blueworx Voice Response windows:

From the 3270 Script window
Use this method while debugging the 3270 server script, before you include it in a voice application. See Debugging a 3270 server.
From the 3270 Session Manager window
Use this method while running or debugging a voice application that includes a 3270 server. See Monitoring a 3270 server.