Coordinated call and data transfer

Coordinated call and data transfer is the process of transferring a caller to another phone number together with some data. Typically, an account number or some other identifier is passed, to allow the receiving agent to find details about the caller without having to ask them for their account number again. The receiving agent can be a person, or another voice application.

To implement coordinated call and data transfer in a voice application, you need the following:

A single-system installation is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. CallPath Server and Blueworx Voice Response installed in the same pSeries computer
In this Figure the Blueworx Voice Response pSeries computer contains the state table (connected with a caller), the CallPath_SigProc custom server, and the CallPath server. The CallPath server is in bi-directional contact with the telephone switch and with the LAN which accesses information from the data communications network.