Web UI

The Web UI can be run using the HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS protocol can be used for the following 2 connections:
Between the web browser and web server hosting the Web UI
Ensure your chosen web server hosting the web UI provides the HTTPS protocol.
Between the web browser and BAM
In order to ensure communication to BAM is secure, a keystore should be set up. How to do this is described below
The certificate of the BAM system should be added to a keystore and the keystore referenced using the following options: as described in Security Configuration Options

How to set up a keystore is described here Setting up a Keystore.

How to get a CA signed certificate is described here Getting a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority.

The Web UI itself must also point to the secure port BAM is listening on. To do this, in the <Web UI directory>/assets/configs/config.js file, ensure API_PROTOCOL is set to https and API_PORT is set to the port BAM is listening on, the setting of the https_port configuration option as described in WebAPI Configuration Options.