VoiceXML arbitrary MRCP Vendor Specific Parameters

The Blueworx Platform supports the setting of arbitrary Vendor Specific Parameters on MRCP RECOGNIZE requests. The following section explains how to set those Parameters within a VoiceXML application.

The functionality to allow an application to add arbitrary vendor specific parameters in MRCP messages is accessed in VoiceXML using the property tag with the following syntax:

<property name="com.blueworx.asr.recognize.vendor_specific.parameter_name" value="parameter_value"/>

Where parameter_name is replaced with the vendor specific parameter and parameter_value is replaced by the value for that parameter.

For example to set com.lumenvox.enable-sre-logging to 3 and com.lumenvox.callsre-suffix to Blueworx use the following property tags:

<property name="com.blueworx.asr.recognize.vendor_specific.com.lumenvox.enable-sre-logging" value="3"/>
<property name="com.blueworx.asr.recognize.vendor_specific.com.lumenvox.callsre-suffix" value="Blueworx"/>

The VXML property scope behaviour is as per the VXML specification so these can be set globally or with form or field scope as required.