Using BSM to register with SIP registrars

The section explains what you need to do to use BSM to make SIP registrations. This allows you to use a trunk or gateway to forward calls as VoIP calls from a consistent external telephone number or SIP address

Using registration we can let this machine know what SIP address to forward calls for, and potentially use load balancing or redundancy features that may be offered on those devices.

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Obtain a system running Linux as described in :

Install BSM as described in :

Configure BSM as described in :

Start BSM as described in :

BSM Behaviour

BSM will register available application mappings if they have one or more registrars attached to the application mapping, to each of those registrars. Contacts will be presented as available on all Blueworx Voice Response machines that are currently running.

Whenever data in the database changes due to BAM configurations and/or Blueworx Voice Response instances are started or stopped, registrations will be re-established with the updated values or unregistered from the registrars as appropriate to match the new system state.

For example, if one Blueworx Voice Response instance is running, the registrations have been made and then a second BVR instance came online, then all registrations would be made again with both BVRs listed in the Contacts header to let the registrar route calls as it likes.

Should all Blueworx Voice Response instances be stopped, all registrations will be removed from the registrars.

An example registration

A Registrar definition will take an Address of Record and Registrar IP as well as an expiry length. When registering BSM will use the registrar IP to determine what machine to register against and the address of record to determine what alias we will be registering as.

For example, you might have a gateway machine that outside calls will come into, and need to set up forwarding to available BVR machines. The gateway will be set up to consult your registrar ( what the dialled number corresponds to (e.g. 12345).

BSM will register to, with contacts corresponding to each BVR machine (, etc). The gateway can then use whatever method to select a BVR and forward the call on to that sip address.

Realms and authentication

Most registrars will use the 401 Unauthorized response code to a registration request to ensure that only you can register to your registrar. Consult your registrar's documentation for what the realm on these requests is likely to be - commonly if registering to it'll be ""

Alternatively you can set up your registrar without setting up digest credentials and monitor the bsm -sm output to see what realm comes back on the 401 messages.

Once you know the realm, you can set up the digest credentials for that realm in BAM so that BSM can pass verification with the registrar