Recording calls using SIPREC

Recording calls using SIPREC

BVR for Linux supports SIPREC, a recording protocol using SIP to establish a recording session along with metadata about the recording.

For full details of SIPREC see these links:

It is possible to record the inbound channel (from the remote party to BVR) and outbound channel (from BVR to the remote party) independently within the same SIPREC session and modify the status of each stream during the session. For example, it is possible to start a recording session with the inbound and outbound channels, then mute or remove one. It is also possible to add a channel during the session - for example, starting the session with just the outbound channel being recorded then adding in the inbound channel later.

Each channel has 3 possible modes - active, inactive and none:

The SIPREC session is ended when both inbound and outbound channels are set to 'none'.

Call recordings using SIPREC can be triggered in CCXML. Please refer to Recording calls in CCXML