Web UI

WebUI shows “Loading” but never gets any further

Ensure that the base href parameter in index.html is set in accordance with your environment. (See Installing the Web UI)

WebUI Loads but will not allow me to log in

If using HTTPS or HTTP:

  1. Ensure the config.js is set to point to your BAM server on the right port and with the right protocol. This should ideally be the IP address and not the hostname. Do not use a local address (e.g. localhost or as these will not work
  2. Ensure BAM is started

If using HTTPS:

Note that the Web UI relies on your web browser making API calls directly to the BAM system so there needs to be a route between the system running your web browser and the system running BAM. If using HTTPS, it is possible that your web browser will not allow any API calls to the BAM system if it does not trust the security certificate. As these API calls are made behind the scenes, the web browser will likely not notify you of this. Please ensure that your web browser is configured to trust the security certificate in your BAM keystore.