Problem Data Collection

Problem data collection is done using the bvrProblem script:


This script collects information for all installed components. This information is collected into a compressed tar file in the specified output directory. This file must be supplied when contacting Blueworx support. To run the script use:

bvrProblem [-?] [-help] [-l] [-s] [-keep] outputdir

outputdir is the full path name of the directory where the compressed tar file produced by bvrProblem will be written , for example, /tmp.

Table 1. bvrProblem parameters
Parameter Description
-? Displays syntax
-help Displays help
-l Disable collection of output log files
-s Silent mode
-keep Keep created files on script failure

As part of its execution bvrProblem asks various questions. The answers are used when creating the compressed tar output file.

If not advised otherwise by Blueworx support the customer should to run bvrProblem /tmp

Before running bvrProblem ensure: