Apache Kafka

There are two locations that debug information for Kafka functionality can be found: in the BVR logs, and Apache Kafka's own log files. These two locations are described on this page.

BVR logging for Kafka

Debug information, warning and errors regarding the processing of Apache Kafka configuration files and creation of the BVR Apache Kafka producer are written to the BVR error log.

Apache Kafka log configuration

Operational information, including error and debug information, for Apache Kafka functionality can be configured using the following configuration file: $BVR_CONF/kafka/log4j.properties.

This file specifies the default Apache Kafka logging configuration, including the log file location. The default log file location is $BVR_LOGS/kafka.log. You can also use this file to increase log intensity (default: INFO) and the number of Apache Kafka log files retained.

Please consult Blueworx support for additional options and debug information.