BVR Error and Trace Outputs

BVR tracing can be configured to write to files or to a kafka topic for distribution, or to use both methods. See Log Configuration Options for configuration options.

When using kafka there are three topics used - blueworx.application, blueworx.trace and blueworx.error. When files are specified or selected by default the errors and logs are stored in <directory>/<hostname> where
Each error file will be <file_limit> in length and <file_count> files will be stored before the first is overwritten. Both these values are configured in the log section of bvr.config decribed here Log Configuration Options. The defaults are: The error files are called error_X.out where X is between 0 and <file_count>. The most recent error file is always error_0.out. The error files contains all ERROR, WARNING and INFO messages that BVR has raised.

All uncaught level errors (for example failing to start the logger) are written out into bvr.out, even if kafka is configured for the errors.