Application logging

Application logging covers both call flow logging, provided by BVR, and also any logging generated by the application by use of the log tag in VoiceXML or CCXML.

By default application logs are sent to the local BVR filesystem, BVR can also be configured to send application logs to an Apache Kafka topic. See here: Configuring Apache Kafka topics output from BVR and here: Log Configuration Options for more details.

Application logging to the file system while the call is active is enabled by default, but the log file is not kept once the call has completed. To ensure that the application log files are kept once the call has completed see the keep_logs parameter described here: Log Configuration Options

When logging to the filesystem, application log files are stored in a different location depending on whether the associated call is active or completed:

Archived application logs are distinguished by BVR restarts. If you stop and start BVR, a new archive log directory with its name based on the current time will be created.

An example application log is shown below:

Blueworx Voice Response Linux - LOG FILE
Version: intel 7.9.1-64
Call Index: 1
Start Time: 2018/12/14 13:39:58.556
2018/12/14 13:40:08.883 VC091431EA00000001 CALL       [T003319] CALL - Inbound Ringing - From <> | To <>
2018/12/14 13:40:08.902 VC091431EA00000001 CALL       [T003320] CALL - Application Mapping - AccountID: 0x00000000. ApplicationID: 0x10000000. ApplicationName: . Type: VXML
2018/12/14 13:40:08.999 VC091431EA00000001 CALL       [T003328] CALL - Set initial VXML Application - Resource: file:///opt/blueworx/vr/sample/Welcome.vxml
2018/12/14 13:40:09.030 VC091431EA00000001 CALL       [T003322] CALL - Inbound Connected - From: <> | To: <>
2018/12/14 13:40:09.030 VC091431EA00000001 VXML       [T000221] VXML - Application Started
2018/12/14 13:40:09.370 VC091431EA00000001 VXML       [T000919] VXML - Audio Play Started - Resource: file:/opt/blueworx/vr/sample/Welcome.wav
2018/12/14 13:40:12.633 VC091431EA00000001 VXML       [T000922] VXML - Audio Play Stopped
2018/12/14 13:40:12.643 VC091431EA00000001 CALL       [T003325] CALL - Hung up - Reason: Application finished
2018/12/14 13:40:12.734 VC091431EA00000001 CALL       [T003323] CALL - Summary - Call Duration: 3s. TTS Duration: 0s. ASR Duration: 0s
2018/12/14 13:40:12.738 VC091431EA00000001 CALL       [T003324] CALL - Call End