Monitoring BSM

The VM can be monitored using the bsm -m command. The information displayed in this window is refreshed every second

Table 1. Data that can be monitored
Name Description
Uptime How long BSM has been running in days, hours, minutes and seconds
System Load System load average for the last minute, the sum of the number of runnable entities queued to the available processors and the number of runnable entities running on the available processors averaged over a period of time.
Free Memory Available Java heap space in MB
Used Memory Java heap memory used in MB - once the system is running a while this should reach a peak and be less than Max Memory
Max Memory Maximum Java heap memory available in MB
Percent Memory Used Used Memory as a percentage of Max Memory
Thread Count Total number of threads running on this BSM instance
Warnings Number of warning messages triggered since BSM was started
Errors Number of error messages triggered since BSM was started
Active Registrars The number of registrars that are both enabled and currently have at least one currently valid registration
Enabled Registrars The number of registrar definitions that are defined in our database and are set to be enabled. Whilst BVRs are running this should be the same as Active Registrars - if not there may be an issue connecting to one or more of the registrars.
Cumulative Registrations The number of successful registrations that have occured since BSM started, across all registrars.
Active Registrations The current number of registrations that are yet to time out across BSM's target registrars
Failed Registrations The number of registration attempts that have failed to contact or authenticate with their target registrar since BSM started