The brm command

BRM operation is controlled by a single command, brm. Help for this command can be obtained by the use of brm -h.

Running brm on its own without any arguments when BRM is running will present the user with a menu of options. Options are selected by entering the number associated with the option then pressing ENTER. Some menus also have naviagation options at the bottom - Quit and Return, where Quit exits the brm command window and Return goes to the previous menu. To use these navigation options, enter the relevant key (case-insensitive) and press ENTER.

The brm command is aware of the size of your terminal window and will scale its output accordingly. If you are seeing any display issues with the content you are trying to present, this will be because your terminal window is too small. In this case, please exit the brm command and increase the size of your terminal window to accommodate the content