Removing Blueworx

Note: All commands must be run as root, or as a user with root privileges using the sudo command.

Querying installed packages

To query which Blueworx packages you have installed, you can run the following command:

yum list installed | grep blueworx

Remove the CPD database

The CPD database created on the postgresql96-server can be removed using the bdb remove script.

For more details see CPD Operation .

Note: If CPD removal is required it should be done before removing any Blueworx packages.

Package removal

To remove all installed Blueworx packages, use the yum remove command specifying:

yum remove blueworx-*

Remove specific packages

To remove a specific Blueworx package, specify the package name on the remove command:

yum remove package-name

The Blueworx packages are:

Remove folders created during installation and any files created after installation

Package removal does not remove the folders created during installation or any files created in those folders after installation.

If you wish to remove the whole or part of blueworx then see Files and Folders created during Installation for details of folders that can be removed once a package has been removed.

Restore the .bash.profile

As part of the installation of the Blueworx Platform, the .bash.profile for the root user is updated to run an environment setup script. This is not removed automatically when the Blueworx Platform is uninstalled.

After uninstalling, manually edit /root/.bash.profile on every server used in the cluster and remove the following line:

. /opt/blueworx/common/bin/set_blueworx_env