The Blueworx Platform includes an HTTP API that can be used to query the overall call status of the platform.

The status API uses HTTP or HTTPS with a GET or POST request.

The GET/POST request has to be sent to:




Where <brm> is the address of the BRM machine and <port> is the HTTP or HTTPS port configured in BRM here: HTTP API Configuration Options.

If BRM is running and the HTTP API is enabled the request will respond with a 200 status code. The response content will contain a JSON summary of the status.

Table 1. JSON Response Format field names
Name Type Usage
result string Outcome of the outbound API request.
bvrCount number Number of available BVRs
activeInboundCallCount number Current number of active inbound calls
activeOutboundCallCount number Current number of active outbound calls
license number Total licenses

Example response

    "bvrCount": 1,
    "activeInboundCallCount": 0,
    "activeOutboundCallCount": 0,
    "license": 2,
    "result": "OK"