JSON Response Format

Table 1. JSON Response Format field names
Name Type Usage
result string Outcome of the outbound API request. The values are detailed in Table 2
applicationUUID string Unique identifier for the application

The applicationUUID is a unique identifier that all applications and calls generated by this outbound API request contain. This allows the call detail records to be tracked against the application.

headers object SIP headers

The headers are an Object containing String values for headers passed back by SIP.

Table 2. Result Values
Result HTTP response code Description
Call connected 200 The outbound call has been answered
Application started 200 The startApplication action has started
Internal Error 500 Internal BVR error
Request timeout 408 The HTTP request has timed out. Either BRM can not contact BVR or the outbound call has not been answered.
Call failed 404 The outbound call has failed
License limit 403 BVR license limit reached
Account call limit 403 Account limit reached
Application call limit 403 Application limit reached
No account found 500 Unable to find account associated with API key.
No application found 500 Unable to find application associated with API key.
Number denied 403 The to field contains a denied SIP address.
No BVR to handle outbound API 503 No BVRs configured and running that can handle the outbound API request.
Application timeout 408 Application timeout whilst starting
CCXML error 500 Internal CCXML error
Invalid URI 404 The CCXML application URI is not a valid URI
CCXML server not running 503 An attempt to start a CCXML application before the CCXML subsystem has been started. This can occur if BVR has not finished starting yet.
Invalid application type 400 The action was “startApplication” and the apiKey refers to a VXML application. Only CCXML applications can be started.
Server shutdown 503 The BVR has been shutdown
No request body 400 No request body was supplied to the outbound API
Invalid JSON 400 Invalid JSON was supplied to the outbound API
Invalid action 400 The JSON action was not a supported action: Either “makeCall” or “startApplication”
Invalid request 400 The outbound API request is invalid, check the api key is correct
Missing to value 400 The to field is missing from the JSON and the action is “makeCall”
BVR call limit 403 BVR call limit reached