Linux Configuration

For BRM, BSM, BAM and CPD no special Linux configuration is required, but for BVR the following configuration should be checked and set if required.

1. Checking the soft limit

Before running BVR, the VM's ulimit for max open files must first be set at at least 4096. The current soft limit can be checked with:

ulimit -Sn

If the soft limit value is below 4096, it must be set to at least 4096 following the steps below.

2. Checking and setting the hard limit

Hard limit must be set high enough to allow this (at least 4096). Check the current hard limit with the following command:

ulimit -Hn

If the value is 4096 or above, no further action is required - please proceed to step 3 - Setting the soft limit. Otherwise, set the hard limit to 4096 by modifying the /etc/security/limits.conf file by appending the following line:

* hard nofile 4096

3. Setting the soft limit

Modifying the /etc/security/limits.conf file by appending the following line:

* soft nofile 4096

4. Restart your session

Any changes made will not take effect until the terminal/ssh session is closed and a new session is opened.