Secure Configuration

Blueworx supports having some entries in the configuration encrypted rather than as plain text. The secure configuration is stored in secure.bin and should be the same across all installed instances that are part of the same cluster. Any secure entries will override the plain text versions (even if also set in plain text). The secure configuration tool will update all secure configurations at the same time, for example BRM and BVR if they are both installed.

To modify the secure configuration use the following command bvr_secconfig <action>. The action can either be set or remove

To set a configuration value:

bvr_secconfig set <key> <value>

To remove a configuration value:

bvr_secconfig remove <key>

The key should be one of the following

Table 1. general
Key Modules Overrides
db_password BAM, BRM The password used to connect to the DB
keystore_password BAM, BRM, BSM, BVR The Java keystore password
truststore_password BAM, BRM, BSM, BVR The Java truststore password
cdr_api_key BRM The CDR lambda API key