BVR Configuration

Configuration information for BVR is stored in: This directory contains a sample configuration file bvr.config.sample and a directory named after the hostname of the VM (environment variable $BVR_CONF).
This hostname is automatically collected from the VM, however if it is incorrect, it can be changed. To do this:
Note: that if the /opt/blueworx/vr/config/<new hostname> does not exist, BVR will fail to start.

The actual configuration that BVR uses is stored in the file /opt/blueworx/vr/config/<hostname>/bvr.config, however if this file is corrupted or deleted, the sample configuration can be restored with the following command:

cp /opt/blueworx/vr/config/bvr.config.sample /opt/blueworx/vr/config</hostname>/bvr.config

Note: All versions of the configuration file contain descriptions and examples of the setting of configuration options

See TOML Configuration File Format for details on the configuration file format.